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Ear Savers are designed to reduce the pull and fatigue on ears caused by wearing a non-medical, surgical or other medical type mask.

Our PLA ear savers are designed to ergonomically sit up against the back of your head and follow the curve to ensure maximum comfort.

HairSavers are specifically designed for longer hair, pony tails and buns.  Their prongs are designed to fit inside your long hair, pony tail or bun to ensure a snug fit in the right position at the back of your head.

HairSavers can be custom printed with your name at no extra charge.  Ear saver is Red with name in Yellow or Orange (Full custom colours and designs to come in the future)

When ordering HairSavers please make a note with what name you would like on it to a maximum of 15 letters.

Our ear savers are printed in CANADA.

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