Sorbent Booms - Oil Only, Oil Only, 10' L x 5" W, 35 Gal. Absorbancy, 4 /Pack

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  • Made of a durable spunbond sock and net filled with 100% polypropylene particulate
  • Oil only booms are used for marine spills
  • Durable rope runs between the sock and net allowing all tension to remain on the rope
  • Hooks and clips at ends and 18" provide overlap at connection points
  • Quick snaps provide easy handling and permit to attach multiple lengths together
  • UV resistant for up to 12 months
  • Oil only booms are made from 100% polypropylene, and absorb more than 25x their weight


Spill Type: Oil Only

Length: 10'

Width: 5"

Absorbency/Pkg.: 35 Gal.

Qty/Pkg.: 4

Type: Booms

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